How to communicate with your stylist to receive exactly what you want to achieve

Working in this industry is truly a dream!  To make everyone feel and look their best is why we do what we do.  One of the best ways to accomplish your best look is bridging the communication with your stylist.  Please feel free to communicate exactly how you feel about your current look and precisely what you are looking to achieve.  

After asking several stylists what the best way to attain a client’s goal. This is what they said.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures! 

Stylists are visual artists. What someone might consider a warm undertone might be neutral to a stylist or vice versa.  Be specific about color and tone that is your goal. Pictures are an effective inspiration!  

Consultations are the foundation of your hair goals.  You could never ask to many questions. All of our stylists want you to be thrilled with your hair so bring as many pictures as you would like to get your best hair design!  We look forward to seeing you soon!